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  •   Hardware & Networking
      Software Development
      Web Development
  •   IT Training
      HR Training 
      Hardware Training
      Management Training
      Distance Education

Our work is deprecated to the prosperity our client!

well being of our client first

Hardware and Networking
We can help you to setup a office or home network, where you can share computer resources like internet connection,

Software Development
Effective and visually appealing  web development calls for thoughtful planning and innovative thinking. Our proficiency lies in our professional

IT Education
ADEQUATE INFOCOM PVT LTD. is an India's leading Computer Hardware, Networking & Software training institute (IT training institute)

  Welcome to AIPL

  A fully integrated IT solutions company.
  In today's world business is depending more and more on technology. Business needs not only people but also an Infrastructure, which should be secured, reliable and designed properly for the business. Trends have shown that a reliable and robust “Infrastructure of an Organization”, helps in improvement of the performance of that organization.

   CMS has strong roots in training and over the years our institutes have sprung up all over the country. Today, they number more than 50. Our comprehensive courses have been painstakingly put together through years of experience and learning. 200 certified trainers impart knowledge and training to the best minds, contributing to India’s ever-increasing and great IT talent pool. CMS’ curriculum is one of the longest running programmers in the country, developed in close partnership with technology leaders like Microsoft, IBM and Red Hat. Constantly upgraded through a strong and constant feedback loop from the main recruiters of IT services, it gives our students the much-needed edge in today’s competitive world. The CMS program, has earned a Microsoft Gold Partner certification, besides being ranked number one by Red Hat. For more information on the institute, courses and placement opportunities, please visit


  ERP Solutions
  Customized Software Development
  Website Design
  Domain Registration
  Web Hosting
  Web Application Development
  Multimedia Designing
  Print Media Designing

Our work is deprecated to the prosperity our client!
well being of our client first


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